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On top of agreements between individual airlines (“bilaterals”) there are also three major global airline alliance groups – Star Alliance, Oneworld and SkyTeam. These were formed about 20 years ago mainly as a way for frequent corporate travellers to ensure they get the same service and benefits wherever they are flying in the world. Generally if you’re a top tier frequent flyer with one airline in an alliance (for example Qantas, which is part of Oneworld) then you get the same benefits (points, lounge access, customer recognition) when flying with other airlines in the same alliance (for example Oneworld’s American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific and more).

Chicago O’Hare Airport, Chicago, USA

If you have data to present, this could be best displayed in a table like the examples below.

Origin Destination Travel Time
Brussels Antwerp 45 minutes
Brussels Ghent 35 minutes
Brussels Bruges 1 hour
Brussels Leuven 25 minutes
Brussels Mechelen 25 minutes
Brussels Ostend 1hour 10 minutes
Ghent Bruges 25 minutes
Ghent Antwerp 55 minutes
Ghent Ostend 15 minutes
Travel Times

English Dutch French
Brussels Brussel Bruxelles
Bruges Brugge Bruges
Antwerp Antwerpen Anvers
Ghent Gent Gand
Ypres Ieper Ypres