Interlines and codeshares

The learning management system potentially has three hierarchical levels:

* Module
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Most of the time you’re likely to stick with 2 levels; module and lesson. Right now you’re in the Aviation module and Interlines and codeshares lesson. However if you would like to separate your content further, you can divide a lesson into topics. This is useful when you have a lesson with a lot of content that might be difficult digest all at once. In this example the lesson has a short introduction (below) followed by three topics which you access by clicking the titles beneath the introduction.

Airlines have an extensive network of relationships – overseen by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) of which most carriers are members. Competition regulators around the world have a close eye on airlines and the potential for collusion, so sometimes these arrangements are formalised in “Joint Business” or “Alliance” agreements which have to be government-ratified.