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An aircraft landing at an airport during winter over a snow covered field

Planes used in the western world are generally made by the two major manufacturers, Boeing and Airbus. Boeing is based in the USA and Airbus is based in Europe and they are fierce rivals. There are some smaller manufacturers also – Embraer is based in Brazil, and Bombardier in Canada, and there are lesser known manufacturers in China and Russia too.

Planes are often referred to as “narrow-body” or “wide-body” which essentially relates to how many aisles they have. Narrow-body aircraft fly shorter distances, carry less passengers and have a single aisle – so boarding and disembarking (or “deplaning”) is slower. 

Narrow-body aircraft

Examples of narrow-body aircraft include:

  • Boeing – 737, 757
  • Airbus – A320, A321

Wide-body aircraft

Wide-body aircraft have two aisles and are generally larger, can carry more fuel and passengers and can fly further.

Examples of wide-body aircraft include:

  • Boeing – 747, 767, 777, 787
  • Airbus – A330, A350, A380