This section contains information to help you understand the learning management platform and how to supply your content. We trust you’ll find this helpful but, if you have specific questions, please feel free to contact Richard.

Learning content


We want to make this part of the process as simple as possible and as such we will do our best to accept your content in whatever format and layout you provide. We work on Mac and most people will supply a Microsoft Word document or PDF but we can also work with Apple Pages. If your content is in a different format, please check with us first.

We need:

  1. Your text
  2. Your images
  3. Your video(s)
  4. Your quiz questions
  5. Your quiz answers
  6. Quiz explanations (optional)

1. Text

  • Create one document for each learning module
  • Make it obvious where each lesson starts e.g. highlight the lesson name 
  • Only include basic formatting such as bold and italics

2. Images

  • If practical, start each image filename with a unique ascending number e.g. 3-my_photo.jpg and 4-next_photo.jpg etc.
  • In the same document, include notes to show where you would like each image to appear
  • Most of the time, you will want a single image that spans the entire width of the page. We will resize your photos and our preferred minimum width is 800 pixels.
  • If appropriate, we can include 2 or more photos in a gallery layout. Just indicate this in your notes.
  • We can handle all common image formats
  • We don’t care how these are supplied; zip all the images into one file or put them online somewhere – whatever’s easiest for you. However it helps enormously if they are at least separated into one bundle for each module.
  • In the event that you don’t have enough suitable images, we might be able to source something from a royalty free source. Ask and we’ll do our best to accommodate, however this is one area where additional fees might apply.

3. Videos

  • We can host a reasonable number of videos on the website. Most common formats are available but if necessary, we will convert them to .mp4 format.
  • Videos will be examined and in most cases compressed to ensure fast downloading. This may result in slightly less quality but in most cases this will be barely noticeable.
  • If you already have videos on YouTube or Vimeo, these can be directly embedded into the website.

4. Quiz questions

  • Questions are usually just text but, they can include media elements such as images, videos and maps.
  • Different points can be allocated to each question but most will want to just make it 1 point per question and that’s what we will do unless you specify otherwise.
  • The standard format is a short question followed by 4 single-choice possibilities.
  • More complex answer types are available if necessary – ask for details. 

5. Quiz Answers

  • Either highlight or mark in bold the correct answer.

6. Quiz Explanations

When agents complete each quiz they will receive their score and have the option of viewing their correct/incorrect answers. If you wish you can include some text and/or images to help reinforce their learning. This is an optional feature and you have the choice to:

  • include the same explanation if the answer is correct or incorrect
  • only include an explanation if the answer is incorrect
  • Include a different explanation for the correct and incorrect answers

Most people choose the first option; display the same explanation regardless if the agent answered correctly or incorrectly. Just make it clear in your document which you prefer or if you don’t include an explanation we’ll assume you don’t want to use this feature.

Website Content


The main section of the site is the learning management system (LMS), however we also need content for the “public” pages such as:

  • Home
  • Prizes
  • Updates
  • Register
  • Privacy & Terms

In most cases, we like to include wide (panoramic) photos as part of the design. You can supply these or point us to a catalog of appropriate images. These images need to be at least 2500 pixels wide.



The purpose of the home page is to welcome agents and point them to the registration page. This page can contain whatever content you like but will typically include:

  • Welcome message
  • Background or overview video
  • Benefits of training programme
  • Photos

If your country/region is not well known, you might like to include a map.


  • Include this page if you are offering an incentive for agents such as a famil or other prize. We will include a generic terms and conditions document that you can tailor to your needs.



If you have additional information you wish to share with agents that doesn’t belong inside the LMS e.g. updates about reopening after COVID, we can create one or more blog articles.



Our standard form captures all the required data to enable agents to access your LMS. We can add more fields to the form (such as address and phone number) if required.

Privacy & Terms


We have a standard privacy policy and terms of use document that are included but you should check this prior to launch.

Other pages


If you would like extra pages, get in contact to discuss.

Domain Name

The website requires a domain name and we require the following details for registration:

  • Your name
  • Organisation name
  • ABN (only required for .au domains)
  • Address
  • Phone

Note that these details can be searched by the public.

You own this domain and we will forward you the domain password on request.

Choosing a domain – best choice when targeting Australian agents

.com – best choice for targeting Australian & New Zealand agents

If you’re not sure which domain to use, get inspired by the domains we have used for other learning sites.