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Every journey has forks in the road ...

In the new world in which we now live, and with the travel industry continuing to undergo big changes, it can be hard to communicate the details and benefits of your offering to the right people. The Travel Daily Training Academy is a cost-effective learning platform to get your travel destination or product in front of hundreds of Australian and New Zealand resellers.


Online training provides the ultimate convenience. The platform is available 24/7/365 across mobile, desktop and tablet devices allowing resellers the ability to learn at a time and place that suits them.


Build resellers knowledge using a platform that is conducive for learning. Material can be viewed, progressed, and revised as often as your resellers like, without the need for time-consuming handholding.


With certification and newly acquired knowledge, your resellers can create, promote, and sell your services or destination with more confidence.

... the path less travelled leads to beautiful destinations

It’s not over – we’ve just hit a fork in the road.
Take the right path and continue your journey with the Travel Daily Training Academy.

Multiple Modules

Develop training for various categories such as accommodation, attractions, entertainment and product features.

Email Notifications

Automatic email triggers increase learner engagement.


Reward and recognise resellers who successfully complete your educational program.


Utilise some gamification to encourage learning and engagement with a series of quizzes.


Monitor completion rates and quiz results.

Social Profile

Resellers can be promote their achievements via social media for greater promotion and amplification.


The Travel Daily Training Academy is promoted to thousands of readers across Australasia. Optional amplification packages are available to greatly increase awareness, registration, and completion of your training modules.

Multiple options are available for your training content, which can be either housed as an individual module on our centralised training hub (“hub sites”) or as a completely separate standalone site with your customised branding and domain name (“bespoke sites”).

The Nordic Way

Swiss Travel System Excellence Program

monaco tourism expert

singapore travel specialist

Tokyo Tourism Expert

MH Malaysia Expert

Travel to Italy Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing for the development of an individual module starts at $XXXX, but the system is fully scalable with a range of complementary marketing options through our publication portfolio. Our team would be happy to provide a customised quotation so get in touch via the button at the bottom of this page for a no-obligation exploratory discussion.

Yes, although agents and resellers are looking for what’s new so fresh content is recommended.

Yes, as part of registration, information will be gathered to identify each respondent by name, company and location for instance.

Yes, for instance a Tourism Board and an Airline that share mutual interest could combine to share the costs and the benefits of a learning program.

Hub sites sit under the centralised Travel Daily Training Academy website ( and generally consist of just a few modules promoting a particular product or offering. Bespoke sites can be more comprehensive, featuring as many as 10 or 20 individual lesson modules with associated quizzes, a leaderboard and more.

Travel Daily Training Academy contracts cover a designated period which includes development and deployment of the training content as well as ongoing support, website hosting and technology maintenance. Once that period expires, the client can choose to either hibernate the product in which case a backup of the site is provided, or keep it operational for an ongoing monthly fee.

The platform has the ability to host video content. Depending on your video needs, a fee may apply.

Yes, several ways are available to motivate registration and completions from a leaderboard, to quizzes, to other incentives that can be communicated via marketing and editorial.

The platform has the ability to host video content. Depending on your video needs, a fee may apply.

Yes under our Bespoke option we provide a standalone custom-developed website with a domain name which can be selected by you and registered in your name.

Travel Daily Training Academy proposals cover a designated time period depending on the customers’ needs – from six months to multi-year arrangements. Once the initial contract period, if the client wishes to maintain the site a nominal monthly fee applies for ongoing hosting and support.

Yes we recommend that content be refreshed on a regular basis in line with marketing campaigns and initiatives to gain the best leverage from the content. Additional modules and lessons can be added at any stage, just ask us for a proposal when you wish to expand your offering.

The Travel Daily Training Academy Team

Bruce Piper

Bruce Piper is Publisher and Editor in Chief across the Business Publishing Group. His background is in I.T. systems.​

Richard Pearce

Richard Pearce has over 25 years experience in website development & online training.​

Ben Piper

Ben Piper is a digital media expert with experience in implementing cost-effective marketing and training programs.

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