Travel Daily Training Academy

A new technology platform for learning and development with specific focus on organisations within the travel, tourism, aviation and hotel industry brought to you by Australasia’s leading industry news publisher.

Our value proposition

Your future sales depend on the ability for resellers to accurately understand, inform and influence demand for your service or destination with education a critical component to achieving results.  The Travel Daily Training Academy allows clients the ability to supply and have built new educational content and leverage the expansive distribution of the leading business-to-business travel news publisher across Australasia.




Online training provides the ultimate convenience. The platform is available 24/7/365 across mobile, desktop and tablet devices allowing resellers the ability to learn at a time and place that suits them.

Build resellers knowledge using a platform that is conducive for learning. Material can be viewed, progressed, and revised as often as your resellers like, without the need for time-consuming handholding.

With certification and newly acquired knowledge, your resellers can create, promote, and sell your services or destination with more confidence.


Your investment will be seen by thousands of readers across Australasia with marketing packages tailored to your needs. Awareness will be raised and interest garnered to generate uptake of your educational program.


Our powerful learning management system is packed with features and flexible enough to be configured for your needs.

Multiple modules

Training modules can be developed for various categories such as accommodation, attractions, entertainment, product features and whatever else is important to teach.


Resellers can be grouped according to company to better monitor performance by each organisation and participant.


Utilise some gamification to encourage learning and engagement with a series of quizzes.


Friendly competition spurred by a leaderboard will help motivate completions of your education program.


Reward and recognition for those resellers upon successful completion of your educational program which can be promoted via social media for greater promotion and amplification.


Monitor completion rates and quiz results.